How To Grow Followers on Instagram Threads Tips and Tricks

Instagram Threads is the new social media app that lots of people are using. If you want to do well on Threads, getting more followers is important. Having more followers means more people will see and interact with your posts. But how do you get noticed and get followers on this new app? Don’t worry – I’ll tell you some good tips to grow followers on Instagram Threads.

First, it’s good to know how Threads and Instagram work together. Your Threads account is linked to your Instagram profile. This means people who follow you on Instagram can easily find and follow you on Threads too. So getting more Instagram followers will also help you get Threads followers. But Threads also gives you new ways to get followers besides just Instagram. Let’s look at how to use this new app well.

Instagram Threads

Understanding Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads is a new app for writing short posts. It’s different from the main Instagram app that’s mostly for photos and videos. Threads lets you share your thoughts in 500 letters or less, which is good for quick posts and chats. It’s a bit like Twitter but with an Instagram look.

Threads has some good things for growing followers. The app shows posts from people who use it a lot, so you can get seen faster than on regular Instagram. Also, it’s easy for your Instagram fans to find you on Threads. There aren’t as many people on Threads yet, so you have a better chance to stand out and get new followers who like your posts. It’s a good place to show who you are and make better connections with people.

Setting Up Your Threads Profile

Setting Up Your Threads Profile
  1. Create your account: It’s easy to start on Threads if you use Instagram. Just get the Threads app and log in with your Instagram info. The app will use your Instagram details to make your profile. If you don’t have Instagram, you need to make an account there first before using Threads.
  2. Optimize your profile: Your Threads bio is where you can make a good first impression. Keep it short and true to who you are. Use emojis to make it fun. Make sure your profile picture is clear and easy to see – it’s best to use the same one you use on other social media. Don’t forget to add a link to your website or other social media profiles.
  3. Connect with Instagram followers: Threads make it easy to bring your Instagram followers with you. When you first sign up, you’ll see a list of your Instagram followers who are already on Threads. Just tap to follow them back. You can also invite your Instagram followers to join you on Threads through the app. This gives you people to start talking to right away.

Creating Engaging Content on Threads

  • Post often and regularly: Threads likes users who post a lot, so try to post a few times a day. Find a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it. Your followers will start to expect and look forward to your regular posts.
  • Use good hashtags: Hashtags help people find your posts. Use a mix of popular and specific tags related to your posts. But don’t use too many – 2-3 hashtags per post is enough on Threads.
  • Share different types of posts: While Threads is mostly for text, you can still add pictures. Mix in some photos or short videos to keep things interesting. Just remember to keep your main message in the text.
  • Talk about popular topics: Look at what people are talking about on Threads and join in. Sharing your thoughts on popular topics can help you reach new people and get more followers.

Interacting with Other Users

Interacting with Other Users

On Threads, talking with others is key to getting more followers. The more you chat and share, the more people see you. It’s like being at a party – the person who talks to everyone gets noticed. By joining in and talking with others, you have a better chance of being seen and followed.

  • Like and comment on other people’s posts: Don’t just look at posts without doing anything. When you see something you like, give it a like or write a nice comment. This shows you’re active and can make others want to do the same for you.
  • Reply to comments on your posts: When someone comments on your post, always write back. This helps make friends and gets more people to talk on your future posts.
  • Join in conversations: Get into talks about things you really like. Share what you think to stand out and get followers who like the same things.
  • Follow accounts about things you like: Look for and follow other users who share your interests. This helps you know what’s new in your area and often makes them follow you back.

Cross-Promotion Strategies

Your Instagram account can help you get more Threads followers. Tell your Instagram fans you’re on Threads by posting about it in your stories or feed. Share bits of your best Threads posts on Instagram to get followers to look at your Threads profile. You could even have an Instagram contest where people have to follow you on Threads to join in.

Don’t just use Instagram – tell people about your Threads account on all your social media. Add your Threads name to your Twitter bio, share your Threads posts on Facebook, or talk about your Threads account in your YouTube video details. If you have a blog or website, add a Threads follow button next to your other social media buttons. The main thing is to make it easy for people who already follow you on other sites to find and follow you on Threads.

Analyzing Your Growth

Looking at how your follower count grows and how people interact with you is important for making your Threads plan better. It’s like having a map for your social media journey. By seeing what works and what doesn’t, you can focus on the things that really help you get more followers.

Right now, Threads doesn’t have tools to show you these numbers like Instagram does. But you can still keep track of how you’re doing. You can write down your follower count and how many likes and comments you get each day or week. Look at which kinds of posts get the most likes and comments. Some new tools from other companies can help track your Threads numbers. As Threads gets bigger, we can expect better tools to be added, giving you more information to help you grow followers on Instagram Threads.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Posting too much: While it’s good to be active on Threads, putting up too many posts can make people stop following you. If you fill up people’s feeds too much, they might get annoyed. Try to find the right balance – post often enough to be seen, but not so much that people get tired of seeing your posts. It’s better to have fewer, good posts than lots of not-so-good ones.
  • Not replying to comments: Threads is all about talking with others. If you never answer comments or talk with others, you’re not using the app the right way. Make sure to look at your notifications often and reply to people who comment on your posts. Making friends on the app is important for getting more followers.
  • Using wrong hashtags: Adding popular hashtags to your posts just to get more views is not a good idea. If your post doesn’t match the hashtag, you’ll confuse people. Use tags that really fit your post. It’s better to use a few good hashtags than lots of random ones.
  • Forgetting about your Instagram account: While Threads is new and exciting, don’t stop using Instagram. Your Instagram followers can become your Threads followers. Keep posting on Instagram and use it to tell people about your Threads posts. Being active on both apps will help you get more followers overall.


Threads is an emerging app in the market, presenting a unique opportunity to kickstart your career effortlessly. Its rapid growth means you can grow alongside it. By garnering a substantial following on Instagram Threads, you have a high chance of becoming an influencer swiftly.

Implementing the tips outlined above can significantly boost your account in a short time. If you prefer a quicker route, you can opt to download our InstaUp Apk for free Instagram Threads followers. Simply click the Download InstaUp APK button on our download page to get started. We hope you find this guide helpful as you embark on your Instagram Threads journey.

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